We offer end-to-end solutions!

Pallet WMS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Triveni IT.  Our warehouse management system uses game-changing automation technology for fulfillment centers that helps customers simplify operations, reduce costs, and increase strategic flexibility. Using sophisticated control software, our supply chain management system enables faster cycle times while reducing labor risks for your staff. Our system gets you involved in the entire management process,  from receiving to picking to shipping, resulting in a unified operation across all aspects of your company. Imagine your business running quicker, at a lower cost, and from any device around the world. That’s what you’ll get using Pallet WMS.

Pallet WMS Systems was founded on a better approach to order fulfillment solutions – a philosophy that simultaneously breaks many existing constraints and takes fulfillment back to its simple basics. Pallet WMS is THE solution for eCommerce fulfillment and split-case, each and item picking applications of all types.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) includes all the activities that must take place to get the right product into the right consumer’s hands at the right time to satisfy your customers’ requirements as efficiently as possible. SCM focuses on planning and forecasting, purchasing, product assembly, moving, storage, distribution, sales and customer service. With Pallet WMS involved in every facet of the business process, we strive to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage by building and delivering products better, faster and cheaper.

Let Pallet WMS find your
“Agile, Dependable, Scalable”
solution for maximum efficiency.
We offer end-to-end solutions!

Key Features


  • Lot traceability and recall
  • Vendor portal
  • Dashboard with reporting and analytics
  • Configuration of multichannel order life-cycles to manage              the entire process from capture to delivery
  • Flexible creation of business regulations to set up holds, monitors and alerts
  • Allocation of inventory to provide differentiated service to channel and customers
  •  Available on iPhone, iPad/tablet & Android devices
  • Clean invoicing, enabling faster payment
  •  Powerful search tools for your product catalog and shopping cart
  • Fleet visibility with GPS tracking, for better fuel efficiency and cutting fuel costs
  •  Integration with all of your ERP systems
  • Mobile management of fleet 24/7:  anytime and anywhere
  •  Designed with manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors in mind
  • Fleet insurance for reducing liability and premiums
  •  Creation of digital catalogs with thousands of items and images
  • Driver retention to curb driver turnover
  •  Supports eCommerce
  • Efficient customer service for improving customer satisfaction
Key Features

Major Benefits


Inventory accuracy and tracking throughout

your warehouse


Bar coding and

location tracking


Efficient picking and receiving



Go green with our

paperless system



Strengthen order fulfillment



Reduce labor costs


Better product



Improve customer satisfaction



Track & quantify employee performance


Increase sales, reports and profits