22 November

How You Can Manage Your E-Commerce Orders 24/7?

Categories: Order Management System

The rapid shift in the field of online businesses has transformed how people purchase and use products worldwide. After the dotcom boom of the late 90s in the previous century – there has been a monumental shift in how people interact online. With the advent of smartphones and Web 2.0, more and more people have come online. This gives businesses the unique opportunity of selling their wares online – giving them the ability to cater to people all over the world. The rise of E-Commerce have changed how organizations conduct businesses. The internet lets businesses run 24/7 – with virtually no downtime. This means that orders can come at any point of time and from any location across the nation. To ease the pain of transition, a robust Order Management tool such as the Pallet OMS is the perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses worldwide.

Businesses in the Cloud

The shift to E-Commerce has expanded the nature of businesses worldwide. Not only retail establishments, but various businesses – from travel companies, to hotels to logistics companies have all become more interconnected than ever before. This interconnection becomes beneficial to the end user, since he gets to know exactly what is happening to his product, as well as the presence of other products and service providers in the market – all with the click of a mouse or the tap of a screen. This fundamental shift in businesses has provided consumers with greater options, and businesses more opportunity.
One of the biggest challenges that any business can face is receiving orders out of business hours. Those coming from brick-and-mortar retail chains would know that business was meant to occur only within the business hours – not beyond it. An order management suite such as Pallet OMS eliminates the need for a human being to monitor the workings of an E-Commerce site – freeing up precious resources and automating routine tasks.

The Pallet OMS Advantage

As a complete order management system, the Pallet OMS modules assimilate orders from various online retail channels, and compile them into a single system, which can used to organize inventory within the confines of the warehouse. In addition, the system allows for the use bulk printing of pack-slips and invoices that would be provided directly to the consumers. Last but not the least – as an order management system, the Pallet Suite provides up-to-date information to the consumers about the status of their orders, right from packaging, to shipping and delivery – and even after delivery. The system runs in tandem with the E-Commerce store, allowing for an unprecedented level of granularity in the field of order management. Each order can be handled individually, if needed be; or orders can be treated as a distinct group within the entire store.