09 December

How to Scale your E-Commerce Operations?

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As E-Commerce proliferates across the web sphere, there are more and more competitors that are vying for the same set of eyeballs, and in turn, the same set of consumers. This creates a chicken-and-egg situation wherein in order to scale your business, you need more customers; but in order to serve more customers, you need to scale your business. There are a few solutions to mitigate the problem, and the Pallet Suite, comprising of the Pallet Order Management System, Pallet Warehouse Management System, and Pallet Delivery Management System is an optimal solution that can help you to scale your business to serve more and more customers.

E-Commerce and Scalability

When you begin your E-Commerce business, as it is with any business venture; it starts out small, with a small number of orders that can be handled by a couple of people effectively. As more and more customers start coming to your website, you feel the need to expand your business. After a point, however, the number of orders and customers start to stagnate – simply because of the reason that you do not possess the infrastructure to handle a large number of orders. At that point in time, it is essential that you scale your business by optimizing internal business processes and provide enhanced customer satisfaction. These two facets of scalability mentioned above are not only integral to core business processes and practices but are deeply interlinked with each other.

  • Optimizing Internal Business Processes – Internal business processes such as managing incoming orders, keeping track of inventory, proper management of warehouse shelf space, timely dispatch, and accurate accounting are some of the most important functions that take the bulk of your time when you operate an E-Commerce store. A proper E-Commerce management software system such as the Pallet Suite is the apt solution to help you optimize the internal business processes.
  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction – At the end of the day, the customer is the most important part of your business. It is his contribution that keeps your business running. As a result, each and every business stresses a lot to keep their customers satisfied. This ensures that a new customer can convert to a repeat customer. Research shows that it takes much more resources to acquire a customer than to retain the same customer. As a result, for your business venture to succeed, it is imperative to keep your customers satisfied. And an optimal business process ensures that your customers too are satisfied since they receive their shipments in time and their due complaints are managed.

How Pallet OMS Optimizes Business Processes

The Pallet Suite comprising of the Pallet OMS (Order Management System), WMS (Warehouse Management System) and DMS (Delivery Management System) is fundamental to helping you to scale your business.

The Pallet Order Management System lets you collect and manage orders from multiple sources into a single easy to use structure. This ensures that orders coming from various channels such as third-party E-Commerce vendors, the in-house E-Commerce website, retail sales channel and bulk sales channel can be structured and managed at the same time. The system, when connected to the warehouse management system, can help track the existing inventory in the warehouse and create new orders for the requisite inventory to various suppliers. This gives you a bird’s eye view of your entire backend supply chain – all from the comfort of your own office.

The Pallet Warehouse Management System helps you to optimize the warehouse and helps you to track inventory. The warehouse management system helps you to optimize shelf space on the warehouse and reduce movement within the confines of the warehouse. In addition, it can track for SKUs with low inventory value and can be configured to send appropriate orders to the appropriate vendors for automatic re-stocking of the inventory. All of these processes are automated and require minimal human effort and intervention.

The Pallet Delivery Management System is the best system to manage deliveries for logistics systems, both in-house logistics as well as third-party logistics suppliers. The use of IoT, QR Codes, and Bar Codes help to track the movement of the package as it goes from one location to another, and the use of GPS trackers on fleet vehicles can help track the exact movement of the vehicles. This data can also be processed and sent to customers to ensure that they know when their package is coming, and where it is located at the present moment – thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.


It is necessary to optimize and scale your business in order to grow and the Pallet Suite is one of the best tools available in the market right now that can help you to do that. The benefits of the Pallet Suite can be felt by any E-Commerce business; whether they are a fresh startup or an entrenched player in the market.