Order Management System

Market-tested order management tools make selling and shipping fast, easy, and effective.

Our Goals

Pallet Order Management Systems takes pride in our fully automated order fulfillment and order processing systems. The main goals of our services are:

  • To allow medium-to-large scale businesses the ability to focus on the promotion and growth of their product line, while utilizing OMS for the order management or logistics aspects of their business.
  • To optimize the delivery process so products are received in mint condition, in a timely manner, and in an economical fashion.
  • To provide a customized online platform and logistics solution that is client-specific and fully integrated with some of the industry’s leading solutions.

Order Management Software and ModulesCRM Module

Manage Your Customers

  • Consolidate your multiple sales channels, along with your customer, order, inventory, and marketing information all within the OMS Order Management Software Platform.
  • Allow customer service representatives to have access to data at their fingertips for keeping in touch with their customers.
  • Search, display, export, update, and reference all customer data within one user interface for CSRs, sales, and marketing teams.


Handle Your Orders

Manage OrdersView your transactions and order statuses live, online, 24/7, while maintaining your customers’ order history for future up-selling and reporting.

  • Place orders, process drop shipments, and amend existing orders from a single domain or from multiple domains and sales channels via our Order Management Software.
  • Create purchase orders and process vendor drop ship orders automatically via our Order Management Software.


Monitor Your InventoryManage Inventory

  • Predict estimated depletion dates and set automated reorder points, while keeping up-to-date on current stock levels and inventory in real time.
  • Minimize stock on-hand and eliminate excess storage with the ability to calculate minimum order quantities and thresholds, based on previous order history and current inventory data.



Increase SalesIncrease Your Sales

  • Configure special offers and e-mail promotion by using history of sales reports.
  • Create geographic promotions, based on product movement and popularity, down to the SKU level.
  • Manage your sales representatives, affiliate programs, and referral tracking, to see where your sales are coming from.



Ship Your ProductsShip Your Products

  • Generate labels, packing slips, and tracking numbers, while using multi-carrier shipment options to best suit your customer’s needs, all through our Order Management Software.
  • Setup warehouse management systems (WMS) equipped with RF Guns, picking, packing and order processing, all with real-time inventory features.
  • Manage auto shipments, drop shipments, and create back-order shipment options.


save your moneySave Your Money

  • Reduce shipping fees and significantly improve your shipping revenues, while keeping your customers happy.
  • Use our order management software’s automated shipment information to get a list of real-time rates that are instantly returned from major carriers.
  • Access estimated arrival dates easily for both domestic and international shipments.
  • Pass on margins or discounts based on total shipping cost or a flat rate to your end consumer.


Key Features

  • Web, mobile and call center
  • Can run on iPhone, iPad/tablet and Android devices
  • Product Catalog & shopping cart
  • Powerful search
  • Multi-language & multi-currency
  • Dashboards, reporting and analytic
  • Pre-built integration with other Pallet modules
  • Integration with all ERP systems
  • Designed with manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors
  • Digital catalogue with thousands of items with images
  • Supports e-commerce

Major Benefits

  •  Omni/multi-channel commerce
  • Increase sales
  • Better tracking of and reporting by sales-force
  • Paperless with digital signature