05 December

Provide Your Customers with a Better Web Presence

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The world has moved online at a fast pace. This rapid shift to the virtual realm – powered by the abundance of computing power, smartphones, IoT and other monumental shifts in technology has ensured that businesses too need to have an online presence in order to stay competitive. As with changes in technology, for a large number of businesses, this shift seems difficult and cumbersome. However, as the benefits of modern technology have proven time and time again; adopting modern technology becomes exponentially easier as more and more people start using it and make it commonplace. The Pallet WMS Suite of programs has the ability to help you take your business to new heights, with its industry-leading automation systems and market-disrupting distribution models.

How to Shift to E-Commerce

As more and more businesses are moving online, it has become essential that your business has a web presence. Most consumers have become informed purchasers, and the decisions that they take while making a purchase is more dependent on various factors – the most important of which is their online presence. While there are big businesses such as Amazon and even traditional brick-and-mortar stores such as Walmart in the online realm, most consumers still prefer to buy things from people they know. However, their primary requirement is the know-how about the product or service. To keep the best of both worlds, the right time is now to create a perfect online presence.

But a web presence means another sales point for products. Furthermore, an online store operates 24/7 – so orders can come at any point in time, and on any day. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize how orders are generated, and how they are dispatched. The Pallet WMS Suite is one of the best applications in the market that can help you automate the entire process – giving you total control over all of the necessary backend E-Commerce processes such as order assessment and sorting, warehouse management with inventory shelving processes and fleet and delivery management control; while automating processes that are routine and repetitive.

The Pallet Advantage

The Pallet Suite is geared specifically towards E-Commerce vendors. The suite is developed for all businesses in mind and has the flexibility to be adapted to your special requirements. Here are some of the salient features of the suite:

  • Pallet OMS: The Pallet Order Management System is a special application that converges all of the orders from multiple points of sale, including online website, third-party websites, offline retail and bulk ordering systems to provide with a single comprehensive report about your orders. The Order Management System is connected to your warehouse database and will provide both your employees as well as potential customers with the real-time situation about the product status in the warehouse.
  • Pallet WMS: The Pallet Warehouse Management System is a Warehouse Management Application that gives your business complete control over the management of each and every aspect of the warehouse – from managing incoming and outgoing shipments to optimizing shelf space, the Warehouse Management System is an all-in-one suite that helps you to organize your warehouse in the most efficient way possible. The possibilities increase manifold when the system is connected to the Pallet Order Management System. The interconnectivity provides complete automation of your E-Commerce business, with total control over each and every aspect of the business.
  • Pallet DMS: The Pallet Delivery Management System is a unique solution offering for managing all delivery management solutions. With the introduction of IoT and GPS-enabled vehicles, it has become extremely easy to track the exact location of packages and delivery vehicles. The Pallet Delivery Management System takes all of them into account and creates a real-time view of the location of a package, and shares that data with all stakeholders involved – from the retailers to the consumer. This allows the consumer to know when the product reaches his or her doorstep, as well as provide the seller with the information about how and when the package has been received. The software suite can be also used by third-party logistics organizations that provide logistics services to E-Commerce companies.


As the world is more and more closely connected thanks to the advent of the internet, it is imperative that in order for your business to succeed, an online presence is mandatory. The Pallet Suite is a great addon that can help you take your business to new heights.