Our Warehouse Management System

Ensure that your customers orders are shipped correctly the first time, and every time, with the Pallet Warehouse Management System.

Even the best of profit margins in sales orders are negatively affected when orders are shipped incorrectly, usually resulting in cumbersome returns, repacking and reshipping. These mishaps due to incorrect shipments could be devastating to your relationship with your customer, and can easily be avoided using our comprehensive system.

Pallet WMS helps streamline multiple functions of your enterprise:

Warehouse Management System Diagram

  • Receiving – Gain insights into shipments that have been delivered, but haven’t arrived at their final location yet. Make sure low-stock items are staged and put away first, reducing the risk of running out-of-stock on your products and confronting fulfillment process inefficiencies for your business.
  • Put-Away – Know the location of all inventory on your shelves. Route your workers to the right location, set up their picks in the proper order to minimize travel time, and manage the number of orders they can pick each day.
  • Picking – Make your picking process error-free and more productive than ever before. Workers can receive their picks on a mobile device that routes them to the proper location inside the warehouse. Using our system, they have the ability to scan items when they pick them, verifying that the right item at the right quantity is chosen.
  • Packing – The features in our system ensure the accuracy of each order that is picked. We work to reduce your company’s material costs by determining the right size shipping carton for each order.
  • Shipping – See that each order is properly packaged and shipped to the right destination and delivered on the right date.


Young businessman is sitting on desk and screaming because of unmanageable work. Isolated on white.

Use our system to alleviate the everyday stresses that come with running a business so you can focus on what matters.

Problems Solved with a Warehouse Management System

It’s no secret that relying on paper trails and manual data entry to manage your warehouse compromises worker productivity and inventory accuracy. Once received via a printer, orders are usually picked, packed and shipped with a paper trail tracking every step of the process. That information is then manually entered into a system and filed. But, what happens if something goes wrong in the shipping process? Should a discrepancy appear in a customer’s order or invoice, pinpointing the problem requires cross referencing the data in both the system and file cabinets, putting a burden not only on your company but on your customers, too.

Take steps to avoid and eliminate these inconveniences with Pallet WMS. As a result, your organization can avoid experiencing:

  • Inaccurate information in the system
  • Delayed access to information in the system if has been entered days or weeks late.
  • Misshipments and mishaps throughout the managing process
  • Late invoices
  • Difficulty locating items as they are moved within the warehouse

Do you and your company experience any of the troublesome issues listed above?  If so, give us a call, request a demo of Pallet WMS and let us know how we can help you optimize your business today.

Complete WMS and ERP Integration

We live in a world that thrives on connection, so why shouldn’t your business? You can count on Pallet WMS to keep you in touch with every aspect of your company so you always know what’s going on when. Linking your ERP to Pallet WMS has the potential to minimize handling costs within your business as well as optimize warehouse efficiency overall. We offer embedded EDI, accounting, sales orders, MRP and shipping management. Avoid messy offline or batch-processing interfaces – let us help you manage your back office functions and services so you can have the organized business you’ve always wanted.

What can Pallet WMS bring to your enterprise?

  • Products staged and stored according to its movement velocity
  • Dynamic real-time scheduling of picking, put-away, order staging, dock and container management and more
  • Multiple picking techniques supported, such as configurable interleaving, WAVE Clapping Business Peoplepicking/planning, and rules-based directed picking like FIFO, FEFO, and LIFO.
  • Package, inventory type and configuration put-away rules: kitting, purchased, manufactured, eaches, cases, pallets, etc.
  • Slotting storage locations based on actual usage history, so fast-moving products are more easily accessible
  • “Milk run” planning
  • Shelf life management: track expiration dates and automatically identify non-conforming inventory
  • Industry standard bar-codes, including 2D symbol
  • Mobile solutions: use your hand held scanners, tablets and smart phones to execute transactions and track activities in your warehouse

Experience these features and much more for yourself. Call us today or request a demo to see how Pallet WMS can make your business better than it’s ever been before.

Key Features

Lot Traceability and Recall

Have the power to track all of your orders at your fingertips using our software. There’s no better person than you to ensure that all of your orders make it to where they need to be and at a time that benefits both you and your customer. If you find there is a problem anywhere the supply chain, use our software to notify your consumers first and strengthen the communication between you and your customers. 

Returns, Damage and Recoup


Optimize your warehouse using Pallet WMS.

Nobody’s perfect, and from time to time your products may not be what the customer is looking for or may get damaged along their journey into your customers’ hands. Use our system to do some damage control so your business can bounce back better than before.

Messaging and Tax Engine

One of the most important aspects of warehouse management is communication. Always stay in touch with who you need to, when you need with our easy-to-use messaging feature. It gives you the tools to get things done with the people you need most, especially when you use it in tandem with our Tax Engine, which can save both you and your customers money.

Price History and Pricing Engine

Want to know how your products are doing? Use our Price History feature and track its progress in the market and with your customers. Plus, you have the power to make prices changes where you see fit, with whatever vendor you choose.

Vendor Portal

Give your vendors a piece of the action. Pallet WMS gives your vendors their very own portal where they can input products, write invoices, and gain access to all of our other helpful features. Setting up an account for them is simple, and once they gain access to it, you’ll be connected to them on a brand new level.

Building in a hand businessmen

Pallet WMS puts you in control of your business.

Dashboard, Reporting and Analytics

When you log in to our system, you’re brought to a dashboard with a clean layout that features a

calendar. Your calendar shows all of your current items in your inventory, inbound orders, picklists, and outbound orders. Everything is color-coded for your convenience – stay organized with Pallet WMS.

Sometimes you need information about your company and you need it fast. Generate reports straight from your dashboard to keep up with high demands. Pallet WMS gives you the flexibility to print these reports or download them in a variety of formats.

Location History

A part of running an efficient warehouse is knowing exactly where each of your products are located. This location could easily change over time based on the space and amount of product you have. You can easily store this tracking information in our system so if you ever get confused about a product’s location, you can go back and look at it for reference. We also offer a GPS feature to our customers so they can be lead the exact product they need in a short amount of time.

Network-Wide Real-Time Visibility

There’s not much worse than your system going offline or out of sync with real-time when you need it most. Stay connected and use our system for on- hand inventory and projected receipts.

Multi-Channel Order Life-Cycles

Our systems puts you at the center of the supply chain process. Give yourself the ability to configure and manage your entire order’s life-cycle, from capture to delivery. 

Holds, Monitors and Alerts

Create all kinds of business rules, specific for your company, using our flexible features.

Allocated Inventory

You know best that certain products in your inventory need to be set apart from others for specific reasons. Provide differentiated service to channels and customers so they can get the products you need and you perform the fastest transaction with them as possible.

Order Fulfillment Rebalance

We all need a refresher – so does your WMS system. Use this feature as needed for greater profitability throughout your enterprise.

Major Benefits, from Start to Finish

Pallet WMS was built entirely with our customers in mind. We know you’re looking for a cost-effective system that will benefit your company the most, one that can grow with your company and its changes, and one that can perform well under all types of circumstances. We hope you’ll consider Pallet WMS as one of your options! 

Check out some of the benefits we offer our customers:Businessman drawing a stock chart

  • Inventory accuracy and tracking throughout the warehouse
  • Bar-coding and location tracking
  • Picking and receiving efficiencies
  • Paperless options
  • Strengthen order fulfillment precision
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Better product accountability
  • Labor Management: Track and quantify employee performance
  • Currency: US and Euro support

If you have any outstanding questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! Give us a call or request a demo – we’d love to work with you!